Text | Nusrat Khawaja Visuals | Courtesy Koel Gallery The sensuous possibilities of stone were revealed in a high impact art show at Koel gallery. The show titled War Gardens displayed stonework by the Peshawar-based collective called Studio Lél. It was curated by Amra Ali. The stone-based artworks astonished by the intensity and range of […]


Text | Nusrat Khawaja Visuals | Courtesy of V. M Art Gallery The display of architectural drawings by artists Ghazanfar Iqbal and Ozair bin Mansoor in the exhibition titled Telling Structures generated an interesting conversation. Both artists focused on storytelling in their work, but their individual narratives differed widely in style and substance. Ghazanfar Iqbal’s


The discipline of art had a total of 3 winners in three distinct categories covering a wide range through which arts is perceived in the contemporary times. Jury citation on INDUS WATER MACHINE | PAK KHAWATEEN: The Pak Khawateen Painting Club’s multimedia research project examines the large scale interventions of mega hydropower dams on the

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Text & Visuals | Zohreen Murtaza For Pakistani artist Waqas Khan who has been consistently exhibiting internationally, the success of his expansive drawings and the immersive experience he offers thrives in the ambit of experience and the viewer’s presence. The effectiveness and promise of this experience is contingent upon both his use/curation of space and

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Text | Numair AbbasiVisuals | Courtesy Copper & Steel Karachi Curated by multifaceted architect and designer Arshad Faruqui, the exhibition “Something borrowed something new” celebrates the multifarious uses of copper and demonstrates its malleability through the display of art, furniture, home and garden accessories- all produced from this versatile material. Faruqui gathered a cohort of

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Text | Amra Ali Courtesy | Grosvenor Gallery At a recent collaboration between Canvas Gallery, Karachi, and Grosvenor Gallery, London, historian/curator Zehra Jumabhoy put together an engaging show titled, ‘Patterns of the Past: Weaving Heritage in Pakistani Art’. London based Jumabhoy strung together the narrative of five artists, namely Adeela Suleman, Ruby Chishti, Bushra Waqas

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Text | Nusrat Khawaja Visuals | Aisha Khalid Studio A huge event on the art landscape of Karachi this winter has been the opening of the Aisha Khalid retrospective. Aisha Khalid is included among the foremost contemporary or neo-miniaturist artists of Pakistan. This retrospective, spanning her oeuvre from 1994 to 2021, enables us to appreciate

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Text | Numair A. Abbasi Visuals | Courtesy V M Art Gallery Pakistan and the larger Subcontinent boast a rich music industry that ranges from qawwali, ghazal, Sufi, and folk, to contemporary pop, fusion, and indie. Time and again, the region birthed music legends who received accolades both within their country and across the globe.

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“Nobody Can Paint An Original Work Of Art. Create Art That Does Not Need Any Audience.” To most people in the art world, Iqbal Geoffrey (1939-2021) was a prankster. The arc of his work is often characterized as a shift from conceptualism to formalism. The machismo-laden history of modern art that has been handed down

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Text | Maria Aslam Visuals | As mentioned World expositions, exhibitions and fairs were initiated in the mid 19th century and have been hosted by almost 20 countries of the world. The purpose of expos is to raise awareness, share progress exchange for the betterment of the world and is an event that takes place

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