Text: Rehana Alam Visuals | Courtesy ACK There is an impression that Karachi, our chaotic and beloved city, is rather devoid of cultural activities. Also, that the people of Karachi are not interested in the arts in any case. The day to day problems of acquiring an education, earning a living and running a household […]

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It is rare to find such a vision in the proposal of furniture in industrial design. The entry is a perfect crossroad between cultural tradition and a very assumed contemporary identity. This project brings freshness, lightness while being true to its materiality which is metal, beautiful feat. Sense of rhythm, proportion and construction, all these

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Text | Maria Aslam – Visuals | Noman M. Faruqi – Issue 55 – Interior design is intricate and exploitative in its nature of works. Seemingly understated at times with architecture, the design forays have to be stretched to incorporate varied design manipulations in the ambit of interior design. A stand-alone retail design incorporates the

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Text | Fatin Nawaz – Issue 53|54 – As someone whose formal education revolved around computer science and databases, I had never stopped to consider myself a designer. Design meant aesthetics, art, illustration, animation – skills I had not practiced and tools I had little control over. However, today, I work as an experience designer

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Text | Zainab Marvi –    Visuals | As Mentioned – Issue 52 – Project Data Client: Berger Paints Creative Agency: BBDO Pakistan Executive Creative Director: Ali Rez Chief Creative Officer: Paul Shearer Collaborating Artist and Production: Samar Minallah Khan Copywriter: Huma Mobin Creative Director: Hira Mohibullah Associate Creative Director: Moiz Khan Collaborating Organisation: Roshni Helpline

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Text | Talha Ahmed Kehar – Visuals | Courtesy Animal – Issue 48 – Design campaigns are often concerned and conflated with commercial ventures. It often feels like most design campaigns are aimed at selling us something, a product, a lifestyle, a happiness that is just within reach but tied to materials and objects. This

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Text | Dua Abbas Rizvi – Visuals | As Mentioned – Issue 47 – For their latest urban intervention, Numaish Karachi looked to the walled city of Lahore and found it analogous to One Thousand and One Nights – that legendary, intricate, and indefatigable collection of tales that has not only survived long centuries of

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Text | Shanzay Subzwari – Photography | Humayun Memon – Issue 47 –  I walked into the gallery space of the Alliance Francaise de Karachi, greeted by an assortment of creative media that was organised by Goethe Institute Karachi. The large-scale collages and mixed media pieces that adorned the walls soon gave way to a

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Text | Faraz Maqsood Hamidi – Issue 46 – People have an eye for everything. An eye for talent. An eye for value. An eye for an eye. Similarly, many of us who work in advertising have that ubiquitous eye for quality. Example: “Why will a picture of this peanut cost me a bomb?” Answer:

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Issue 44 – The print ads for Kit Kat invite people to take a break and simply focus on the present moment at hand. Responses by Hazem Kaddour, Managing Director and Mohamed Oudaha, Creative Director, J. Walter Thompson Casablanca. Background: Though the chocolate wafer brand Kit Kat is not as popular in Tunisia as it