The discipline of architecture bagged 4 awards in the ADA AWARDS 3rd cycle. The overall premise of the jury is recorded as: “the only regional architecture awards that builds on the curiosities of the contemporary times enabling the urban, peri-urban and interior design in its umbrella. The awards provide the experimental space for the generation […]

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The socially responsive award highlights the integrity of communal approach and in impacting lives where the concept and the practice respond to transdisciplinary methodologies of knowledge production with situated understanding through design, aesthetics, sustainability and outreach. Jury citation on PLAYGROUND CENTRAL JAIL (prison) | SAKINA HASSAN JAFRI The charitable nature of the small park for


Text | Maria Aslam Visuals | Courtesy NORR Dubai During the 21st century, the city of Dubai has become home to some of the most iconic buildings in the world. Often highly individualistic in nature, each of these structures competes for its position as the new icon for a rapidly transforming city. For a visitor

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Text | Maya Hyder Photography | Fatima Afzal Villa 19 is informed by humble seaside tradition, enriched by natural materiality and inspired by contemporary summer living. A two-bedroom beach hut located at Karachi’s bustling French Beach, is crafted out of the elements – light, air and earth manifesting into tones, textures and forms. This space

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Text | Dr. Rabela JunejoVisuals courtesy | Farida Abdul Ghaffar, Sayem Ghayur and Yoman Aisha Nestled on a 4000 (+) square yards, sandwiched plot in F B industrial Area Karachi is a denim factory, “Star Denim (Pvt) Ltd.”. Presence of a denim factory in an industrial area of the bustling metropolis of Karachi is nothing

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Text | Maria Aslam Visuals | As mentioned World expositions, exhibitions and fairs were initiated in the mid 19th century and have been hosted by almost 20 countries of the world. The purpose of expos is to raise awareness, share progress exchange for the betterment of the world and is an event that takes place

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Text & Visuals | Abdul Rehman – Issue 56 – The provision of safe water supply has remained an important concern of all responsible governments. At the time of advent of subcontinent by the British, there was serious outbreak of cholera in the towns and cities of the subcontinent. A large number of military personals

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Text | Zarminae Ansari – Visuals | Museum of the Russian Icon Website – Issue 56 – By ADA’s Moscow correspondent, when she lived in the endlessly surprising city trying to learn their rich, but forbiddingly difficult language! Arch. Zarminae Ansari, (MIT, 1997) is the Founder/ Director of Joy of Urdu, a bilingual organization for

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Text & Visuals | Iftikhar Azam – Issue 55 – The Creative Process: What is a creative process and how does a creation create? So many questions fill one’s mind. Does the hand of the Master guide the servant? How does one imagine what there is not? How does one imagine the final form before

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Text | Maria Aslam and Anushay Zehra Rashid – Visuals | Courtesy  Arif Hasan – Issue 55 – From the joint ADA Issue 53 & 54 we continue our conversation with Arif Hasan about his illustrious career. Diving further into his work, we discuss the immense knowledge he has gathered, the work he has interacted

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