The discipline of art had a total of 3 winners in three distinct categories covering a wide range through which arts is perceived in the contemporary times.


The Pak Khawateen Painting Club’s multimedia research project examines the large scale interventions of mega hydropower dams on the Upper Indus River on communities. These mega projects have impacted local communities as well as the environment. The Indus hosts multiple layers of history. Its deities, rituals, supernatural powers, and folklore transcend religion and time, and are associated with subaltern cultures. Modern engineering for agricultural output maximization led to the fragmentation of the river, and resulted in displacement of indigenous populations, unequal division of resources, and inundation of histories. The multi-layered project creates links between femininity, masculine power, water structures, folklore, colonial, and neo-liberal designs. As provocateurs, the women’s collective opens up a conversation about whose right is to be considered of greater importance – the urban centers, the subaltern indigenous, or the earth itself.

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