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World expositions, exhibitions and fairs were initiated in the mid 19th century and have been hosted by almost 20 countries of the world. The purpose of expos is to raise awareness, share progress exchange for the betterment of the world and is an event that takes place in every five years. These gigantic expositions are beyond the structural ingenuities of participating countries but are designed for cultural exchange that combine diplomatic, economic and academic enterprise. 

The world exposition currently hosted by Dubai opened with thunder and applause in October to the world. The participation of 192 countries as national Pavilions spread in three districts Mobility, Sustainability and Opportunity is an ambitious intent to inspire and question ways and methodologies to preserve and protect our environments, sustain the world resources and create empirical and equitable opportunities for all. 

The first world fair to be held in Middle East is the Expo 2020 Dubai where the Pakistan Pavilion for the first time in its history has dazzled the world with its incredible hidden potential themed ‘Hidden Treasures’. The dazzling sinuous colorful façade beckons you from afar be it day or night and one is heralded into an explorative journey of Pakistan.  The Pavilion has drawn a huge number of crowds from the national and international sector and is making tremendous waves. “Though the world came to an unexpected halt last year it is the team’s perseverance and divine intervention that made the project happen,” states the curator Noorjehan Bilgrami.”

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