World War Three : Design for Informed Extremism

Issue 48
Text | Talha Ahmed Kehar
Visuals | Courtesy Animal

Design campaigns are often concerned and conflated with commercial ventures. It often feels like most design campaigns are aimed at selling us something, a product, a lifestyle, a happiness that is just within reach but tied to materials and objects. This is not to say that marketing or advertising are to be looked down on but rather that these fields have come to be seen as inseparable from design. Though design may play a large part in sales it is in fact more that.

Design is a marriage between form and function, a merger between aesthetic value and information. As designers it is our job to build this marriage, creating a balance and harmony where the viewer is both a visually and intellectually engaged. Ideally taking away some layer of information that may make their life better.

An example of this is a recent project by Indian based creative agency Animal. Animal is an independent creative agency established in 2014. In the short time since its conception this agency has generated identities, advertisements, films, events, and websites with a focus on design and strategy.

Most recently animal launched what may only be described as an artistic campaign with a powerful message. Titled “World War Three” the campaign is enlightening look into the nature and structures of war. In this project, Animal gives weight and form to the institution of war by developing an identity and brand for it, giving it not only a face but patterns of behaviour. The campaign consists of a logo design, print publication, posters, animated visuals and proposals for various offices and organisational structures.

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