Issue 44

The print ads for Kit Kat invite people to take a break and simply focus on the present moment at hand. Responses by Hazem Kaddour, Managing Director and Mohamed Oudaha, Creative Director, J. Walter Thompson Casablanca.

Background: Though the chocolate wafer brand Kit Kat is not as popular in Tunisia as it is in other parts of the world, like everywhere else, the target audience feels overworked, stressed and in desperate need of a break. The purpose of these print ads was to highlight the benefit of the product, while remaining creative.

Reasoning: Taking a break is something that rings true with every hard-working Tunisian, but even more so with those who have long and tiresome journeys to and from work. Our thinking had to highlight Kit Kat’s unique proposition in an interesting way—something that would be visually stimulating, yet brutally simple. We also had to take the medium into consideration during the creative process. 

Challenges: Creating a lasting impression. Creating that “aha” moment in advertising is hard enough, but to try and create it in such a way that is both understood in seconds and remembered is more difficult. 

Favorite details: The execution; it is one of those styles that looks familiar yet new.

Visual influences: From the very start, we did not want to take people through a journey or a long-winded story or anything too complicated. The simpler, the better. Speed has often been illustrated using the photographic techniques of stop motion or long exposure, but never has it been treated like this. 

Anything new: Basing ideas on media is not always a good starting point, but if you can find an idea that is facilitated—and enhanced—by the actual media, then the placement becomes worthwhile. This article was originally published in exhibit/kitkat-print-ads.


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