Text | Maya Hyder
Photography | Fatima Afzal

Villa 19 is informed by humble seaside tradition, enriched by natural materiality and inspired by contemporary summer living. A two-bedroom beach hut located at Karachi’s bustling French Beach, is crafted out of the elements – light, air and earth manifesting into tones, textures and forms. This space is intended to slow down our pace of living; urging us to think, feel and breathe deeper.
A cubist, soft minimal dream comes to life, the simple volumes, sandy hued walls and light pergola planes nestle comfortably in the landscape. The rugged yet relaxed palette express the unresolved tension between the natural and the man made. The simplicity of its forms, heavily textured walls, reclaimed wood doors and windows, monolithic flooring create a comforting, calm and resilient environment befitting its function as a sanctuary; an escape from the hustle bustle of the city.