Residences by contemporary architects

Issue 51

Featured Architects:

Ali Alam Design
Faisal Bilwany Associates
Metropolitan Studio of Architecture
Nayyar Ali Dada & Associates
Office for Radical Architecture Disciplines
Proportions Architects & Interior Designers

Rizwan Sadiq Architects
Saifullah Sami Architect
Suhail & Fawad Architects
Wasif Ali & Associates

In the modern era, making a home is more and more intrinsically linked to the many notions of what we call home and place-making. Architecture responds according to the realm of residential design. The themed edition explores the post-modernist redefinition in the generation of contemporary architects, which have evolved these spaces in the context of spatial maneuvering, environmental advocacy, subjectivism and relativism. There is an acute sensitivity in the investigation of the vernacular of bringing home the lost objects – in the making of a home.

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