Parallel Collisions

Issue 50
Text | Aasim Akthar
Visuals | Courtesy Karachi Biennale Trust

How does art enter and change our daily lives? This was the key question posed by Niilofur Farrukh, Director of this year’s Biennale at Karachi. First held in 2017, this was the second biennale at Karachi and represented the city’s contribution to a plethora of international art exhibitions all over the globe, from the Venice Biennale in Italy to more recent versions in Europe and Asia. The stated purpose of the event had been to bring cutting edge art to Pakistan, and to transmit new forms of Pakistani culture abroad.
For the second installment, the curatorial reins had been handed over to Muhammad Zeeshan, who chose to explore the complex and unpredictable cultural, ecological and political environment in which we live.

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Aasim Akhtar is an independent artist, art critic and curator. He teaches Art Appreciation and Studio Practice at The National College of Arts, Rawalpindi. He has been published in magazines, catalogues, and books both nationally and internationally, and his artwork has been widely exhibited. He is the author of two published books, Regards Croises (1996) and The Distant Steppe (1997), and has just finished writing his third, Dialogues with Threads: Traditions of Embroidery in Hazara.

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