National History Museum A Curatorial Project by the Citizens Archive of Pakistan

Issue 48
Text | Sara Yawar
Visuals | Courtesy of Citizens Archive Pakistan

The National History Museum (NHM), a project initiated by the Government of Punjab, was inaugurated on the 17th of April, 2018 in Lahore. Curated by the Citizen’s Archive of Pakistan, this project aimed to honor Pakistan’s history dating up to the partition. By shedding light on events such as the Lahore Resolution, Gandhi-Jinnah talks, Indian Independence Act etc, this museum resurrected all these episodes into works of art, using technology and design. Since its inauguration, the museum has had over a hundred thousand visitors.

However, there is a lot to observe about the museum’s building as well, taking its locality and the architecture into consideration. According to Nida Ali who is the Director of NHM, the Greater Iqbal Park, previously known as Minto Park, was chosen as the museum’s location since the Lahore Resolution was passed there in 1940; this not only suited the theme well but also paid homage to the creation of Pakistan. Another observation that can be made about the building is its fusion themed architecture; a post-modern building with an amphitheatersituated within its exterior space.

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