Fenestration Goals

Issue | 47
Text & Visuals| Pappal Suneija

Fenestrations are important elements in the passive cooling system of any structure; thus, the orientation of the same is a major factor. Passive solar design strategies may vary with the building’s location and regional climatic differences. However, the primary window guidelines remain the same: choose, orient, and position openings to minimize solar heat gain effect in the summer season and maximize the same during winters. Further, considering the most important aspect of fenestrations with cost efficiency as one of the concern, one could take up frameless doors and windows. Subsequently, the foremost environment-friendly technique is to use brick jalis (grids) in walls. This also aligns with the vision of reducing the quantity of materials. Other alternate fenestrations include Wooden Screens, Beer Bottles embedded in concrete to create stained glass effect, Bamboo: lattice, louvered and pergola, embroidered patterns in bricks etc.

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About the Author:

Pappal Suneja is a freelance architect an architectural Journalist who writes a Real Estate column for The Tribune Trends. He is an international correspondent for ADA Magazine as well as a country reporter for . Pappal is assistant Professor at Vishwanikethan College of Architecture, design & Art as well as a mentor at the University of Tor Vergata.

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