Between Light : A mid-career retrospective journey

Issue 51
Text | Aymen Ansari
Visuals | Koel Gallery

For over a century, abstract art has become an integral aspect of modern art forms, so much so that it has successfully taken over the traditions of the past. Although the term ‘modern’ encompasses a number of unique styles, the underlying principles that define any modernist artwork are found in the spirit of innovation and experimentation, and the rejection of conservative depictions of reality. Ayessha Quraishi’s work is indicative of a similar notion, yet in its representation it is ordinarily idiosyncratic.

Building on these late 19th century precedents, Ayessha Quraishi’s “Between Light” exhibited at Koel Gallery uses distinctive imagery, employing various techniques and a multitude of mediums to create wonderfully austere artworks that reflect the realities and hopes of the world around us. Curated by Zarmeene Shah, the exhibit showcased Quraishi’s journey as a self-taught artist, as she ventured into the unknown lands of abstract art. Situated in a postmodern Karachi, her work is scattered across three decades, dating from 1985 till 2020. At its very core, her art is an amalgamation of the old and the new, and functions as an appreciation of awareness of the ceremonious and colloquial.

As a Karachi-based artist, Ayessha Quraishi received her initial training from the Nayyar Jamil. Since then she has dedicated her time to refine her practice and evolve as an artist. Her aim has always been the development of a personal visual language that will manifest her own signature style. Quraishi has worked hard to establish herself as a distinguished creative in the industry; her work has been exhibited far and wide, both locally and internationally. Among her recent achievements, Quraishi was one of the few artists who participated in the International Istanbul Biennial (2019) and Karachi

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About the author:

Aymen Ansari, is a final year Communication and Design major and a student researcher at Habib University. She is passionate about architecture and urban design, and has been involved in various projects situated amidst academia and art. Her interests include design research, art history and philosophy

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