Text | Mariam Qureshi – Visuals | Courtesy Artist – Issue 37 – Submissive Self “Soil reminds us of our humble origins and the clay figures in my work represent humility as they are bent or lying in repose in some sort of submission. Just like the chakor bird is known of being entranced by […]

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Text | Zehra Hamdani Mirza – Visuals| Courtesy Karachi Biennale – Issue 37 – “I see it as a pop up museum. A pop up, temporary, contemporary museum,” Art critic, curator and writer Niilofur Farrukh, on the Karachi Biennale (KB). She serves as KB CEO and although her description may be too chunky to be

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Text | Mariam Qureshi – Issue 36 – At a certain level art is a quest of the self- an activity which enables one to introspect and delve into ones inner self and ponder about the one’s self as an individual. But when an artist strives consistently to give a creative form to his personal

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Text | Cherry Tierra – Photography | Paul Swanson – Issue 44 – Dubbed as a ‘Place of Peace’, the Alberta Aga Khan Garden resonates with more then just a beautiful landscape. The choreographed, designed urban landscape reinforces the multi ethnicity that Canada rejoices in its ethnic diversity. The landscape that boasts of a botanic

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