ADA, Pakistan’s premier magazine for Architecture, Design and Art hosted the Dialogue “Do You Know Your City?” This question was asked to the city of Lahore in Dialogue III, to an audience that comprised of Lahore’s major architects, artists, and personalities from academia and students. The vibrant diverse audience was enthralled by the stories that unfolded in the evening discussion.

The dialogue was held at Alhamra Arts Centre, Lahore. Maria Aslam, editor-in-chief ADA, introduced the ADA Awards 2018-19 to Lahore and talked about the upcoming dialogues from the platform of ADA itself.

In collaboration with the Aga Khan Trust for Culture and Walled City of Lahore, it comprised an interactive session by Mr. Kamran Lashari who was the keynote speaker at the event. Other notable speakers that were present at the event were Mr. Nayyar Ali Dada, Mr. Fakir Aijazuddin, and Mr. Masood Khan.

Mr. Nayyar Ali Dada in his very own inimitable way spoke about architecture and music. Just as ‘sur’ in music defines the listening quality of music, architecture impacts lives whether good or bad. Architecture has deep reverberations and cannot be taken away once planted on mother earth.

Fakir Aijazuudin stressed on the necessity of taking actions against the mayhem caused to one’s beloved city. He emphasized on digitizing archives and documenting history in the rightful context as cities have many stories to share.

Masood Khan, presented the Aga Khan Trust for Culture & Walled City of Lahore project informing the masses on the importance of conservation and revitalization of heritage sites, in the dynamics of any city history and promoting tourism. The presentation on the Walled City of Lahore was shared in detail referencing the many more heritage sites that have so far been neglected.

Maria Aslam, while introducing ADA Awards, emphasized the need for the Awards at a national level, encouraging the audience to submit their works. The jury of the Awards would comprise of international and local members, such as Davide Tomasso Ferrando from Italy, Savita Apte from Singapore, Mehreen Rizvi-Khurshid from UK, Taraneh Yalda from Iran, Javed Jabbar from Pakistan and many more.

Projects can be submitted at and submissions are open until November 18, 2018.

The ADA Awards is a biennial program that will be held in a different city every cycle. The inaugural awards ceremony will be held in Karachi in January 2019. The aim of ADA Awards is to identify and celebrate excellence in architecture, interiors, design, and art manifestations as well as individual architects, designers, artists and studios producing the most outstanding work in Pakistan. The aim of the ADA Awards is to highlight the creative works and the personalities from Pakistan to a global audience.

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