‘Few personalities have influenced the social and built environment in Pakistan like Arif Hasan. His thoughts, ideas, writing and discourses have led to the creation of many alternative approaches to examine the built environment from the lens of uneclipsed realities. He introduced a people focused branch of scholarship that inspired the scholars to learn the various forms and formats of social enterprises, in which human relationships shape distinct outcomes in the built environment. He derived extraordinary solutions for urban and rural communities in Karachi, Tharparkar, Gilgit Baltistan and many other locations in Pakistan and abroad.’ Minnisale wrote: “It takes more than a business sense to create a gallery with a reputation. It takes diplomacy, finesse, elegance a few knowledgeable friends, the gentle art of persuasion, good taste and most importantly, a finger on the pulse of a public taste that changes like the wind. Zohra Hussain has a good measure of all of these qualities and with Chawkandi Gallery, she has created a kind of “salon”, an “arbiter elegantiarum” for our bourgeoisie”.

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