World Art Dubai announces curators for 2019


Determination, passion and a strong belief in spiritual creativity that transcends the physical form are key themes in Batool Jafri’s work. As an artist, mentor, art educator and enabler.

Jafri has produced powerful and poignant work on the subject of the human mind and soul, while challenging historical and cultural prejudices that lead to marginalization of certain segments of society, particularly women and people of determination.

The values and ideas conveyed in her work have been widely lauded, with her work being featured at the Islamic Fashion Design Council’s Modest Revolution event recently held in Dubai, and with her current nomination for Emirates Woman of the Year 2018 in the Art & Culture category.

Jafri has exhibited in over 35 solo, national and international art exhibitions across the world, including events held in the UK, Spain, the Netherlands, China, Turkey, Egypt, Oman and the UAE, where she lives and works.


Zaahirah is a passionate art activist hailing from Mauritius. She has curated over 25 art exhibitions in UAE, Singapore, and Georgia, and has been the curator for World Art Dubai since 2017.

In particular, she has provided consistently impassioned support for women artists across the globe.

As a person who aspires to bring about positive changes in the society, she conveys a strong message of empowerment through her art and artistic initiatives. Zaahirah has had her art exhibited in Africa, Europe, Middle East, United States and Asia

Zaahirah is also a savvy business woman. She is the founder of ZeeArts, an international art hub that provides a range of art consultancy services and curatorship with the goal of connecting artists from across the world with diverse artistic projects.


Having acquired her curatorial certification from the Sotheby’s Institue of Art, Kamel has also undertaken several curatorial projects in her home country of Egypt as well as in the UAE, where she lives and works.

Samar Kamel is an Egyptian artist, curator and author known for works that examine cultural attitudes towards women and aim to transform stereotypes through their vibrant depictions of the modern woman.

Kamel is also an accomplished chef and entrepreneur and has published several books.

She has participated in the coveted Art Dubai, Abu Dhabi Art as an art facilitator, and exhibited in World Art Dubai since its first edition for four consecutive years.

Her contributions to art and community have been recognized by her recent nomination for Emirates Woman of the Year 2018 prize in the category for Art and Culture.

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