Transient Spaces, Transcendental Experiences

Text | Maria Aslam

Photography | Nimr Pervaiz

Architecture – a form of art that encapsulates life, its utility and survival takes command of the land with full weight of its authority. Architecture is historical and creates history manifold in the lives of those that interact with its built structure. Yet architecture is fragile is story telling and at times encapsulates transient space but leaves a transcendental experience in its interaction. The Biennale cities, exhibition spaces, art and architecture festivals and design weeks now spread across different cities all over the globe create their art within the art of architecture installation. These installations assert the resolve by elevating the visitor from the vulgarities of everyday to the nobility of its lofty domain. It is theatrical contemporary experimentation of architecture that reveals the malleability, flexibility of materials and the technology that supports the possibilities of construction that were not possible some decades back.

One such architect though rooted in her practice of residential design, amenity projects, adaptive reuse and small scale commercial interiors is known for her sensitized vernacular rendering of spaces and experiments with architectural installations with ease and expertise. She is the award recipient of IAP Excellence Award in single family residence category 2017. Her design philosophy advocates contextual response, addressing climatic change, building less and incorporating natural surroundings and exploration of local crafts and materials.