The Project Identity

The identity for this Brighton, United–based co-working community uses eclectic designs to establish meaningful connections.

Responses by Ross Davison, creative director, Fable&Co.

Background: Fable&Co was tasked with developing a unique brand proposition and identity for a new, high caliber co-working community in Brighton, United Kingdom called ‘The Projects.’ Offering a new level of quality and elegance to the South Coast’s thriving co-working scene, ‘The Projects’ aims to establish a meaningful and emotional connection with formidable creatives, ambitious tech entrepreneurs and enterprising startups.

Reasoning: The enterprising, collaborative community was aptly named ‘The Projects,’ as it was inspired and influenced by the type of work that our members are responsible for delivering. ‘The Projects’ ignites imaginative and experimental notions of creativity, delivered through teamwork and ambition. It’s a place of composure, tranquility and creativity—where great minds meet and ideas are shared.