The Lahore Biennale

IMRAN QURESHI, Idea of Landscape, 2018 Fiber optic installation, mirrors at Summer Palace, Lahore Fort Photography by Atif Saeed

Issue | 41
Text | Dua Abbas Rizvi
Photography | As mentioned

The biennial exhibition model, or Biennale, has become increasingly popular across the globe in recent years as cities rush to take it up to achieve any number of ends: stimulate creative exchange between local and international institutions, integrate the various pasts and zones of a city into a meaningful whole, boost touristic activity and foreign interest in homegrown projects and initiatives, and raise or attempt to address political concerns (the second Johannesburg Biennale, for instance, curated by Okwui Enwezor in 1997, adopted the theme of ‘Trade Routes’ to examine the broader themes of post-colonialism and multiculturalism)...

Iftikhar and Elizabeth Dadi, Roz o Shab

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