Rendezvous with the Winners – Volume 2

Issue | 47

ADA sits down with the some of the winners of the ADA Awards 2018 -19 to get to know the people behind the work and how they go about their day. Ranging from their aesthetic philosophy to how they spend their free time, here is a look inside the minds of the winners of the inaugural ADA awards:


ADA: How would you define aesthetics in your Profession?

 Ali Dossal:  Design is a process, you are moulding an experience, and the aesthetics are the by-product of that process.

Safdar Ali: Art may elicit a sense of wonder or cynicism, hope or despair, adoration or spite

Oswald Lucas: Leave your aesthetics behind— the client will always question that.


ADA: If you could give just one tip concerning the use of colour for an interior, what would it be?

 Danish Zuby: Look at the flowers – Learn from Nature.

 Ali Dossal : Keep it neutral, you won’t tire of it. But don’t stop yourself from having fun; it’s just paint after all.


ADA: How important is critique/journalism for the profession?

 Ali Dossal: Critique is important in all professions, it is so important to have an open dialogue about design, art & architecture. We tend to take ourselves very seriously and often close ourselves off from other opinions; more openness and dialogue will fuel better work.

Sajjad Nawaz: I think it is essential and significant part for the development of any professional artist.

Zoral Naik: Seeking critique specially from the people you trust is one of the key factors for your creative development. It is very easy and only natural to get lost/stuck in your creative processes every once in a while, you need some to help you channel your thoughts and challenge you to think of alternative approaches.


ADA: What does Design mean to you?

 Sara Mahmood: Design is the lens with which we look at the world.

 Danish Zuby: Design is something that can save lives but also threaten them.

Raza Zahid: Most things we are surrounded by and interact with on a daily basis have been designed! Good design should not only offer functionality but also lift the spirit.


ADA: What is one DO and one DON’T you would suggest to our readers?

Ali Dossal: Do – Understand the materials you are working with, you can’t detail unless you do. Don’t – Be preconceived in your ideas; it stunts your creativity like nothing else.

Raza Zahid: Do think outside of the box. Express your creativity without caring about the opinions of others. Don’t follow the crowd. Appreciate an original point of view.

Zoral Naik: Do- Be humble and share your work. Don’t-Ever be ‘satisfied’ with the work you have produced, there is always a better photo, there is always a better story.

Oswald Lucas: DO write your idea somewhere handy– it could even be a note on  your mobile phone. DON’T procrastinate about making that idea come to life.

Sajjad Nawaz: Do what you want but with sincerity, and don’t be dishonest with yourself.

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