Rendezvous with the Winners – Volume 1

Issue | 46

ADA sits down with the some of the winners of the ADA Awards 2018 -19 to get to know the people behind the work and how they go about their day. Ranging from their aesthetic philosophy to how they spend their free time, here is a look inside the minds of the winners of the inaugural ADA awards:


ADA: How would you define aesthetics in design?

 Mohammad Ali Khan: Aesthetics are in all our senses, not just the sight. A designer must consider all external and internal elements that will be paired with his design to create a complete experience. That’s when a true aesthetic experience is created.

Yawar Jilani: Aesthetics is a gift from God which is a lens through which we appreciate all the finer things of life


ADA: If you could give just one tip concerning the use of colour for an interior, what would it be?

 Arshad Shahid Abdullah: Ask why? Then don’t be afraid!

Ali Rez: Make it relevant.


ADA: How important is architectural critique/journalism for the profession?

 Faraz Maqsood Hamidi: The trouble with critics is that they think a work of fiction is reality. So they critique it as such. The products of the imagination must be celebrated. The part these play in any society’s diversity is what gives culture its strength and resilience.

Munawar Ali Syed: Critique is important for growth— and we need to learn how to take criticism positively. I feel journalism is an important way to communicate this to the masses.


ADA: What is it that you enjoy doing most at any time of the day?

 Munawar Ali Syed: Spending time at my studio or roaming around the flea market for new ideas.

 Ali Rez: Spending time with my boy.


ADA: What is one DO and one DON’T you would suggest to our readers?

Ali Rez: DO take risks. DON’T listen to people who say don’t take risks.

Munawar Ali Syed: Be practical and be positive and don’t be critical.

Faraz Maqsood Hamidi: Less is more as long as you guarantee that less isn’t a bore.

Arshad Shahid Abdullah: Learn from others and don’t ape from other countries!

Yawar Jilani: Believe in yourself and never give up.

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