President Arcasia Jahangir Khan Sherpao Chairs 21 Nation Council meeting at ACA-18 in Tokyo, Japan

Pakistani architects have made some major waves winning international positions and recognitions across the globe. This year Ar. Jahangir Khan Sherpao chaired the 21 Nation Council meeting at the Asian Council of Architects ACA -18 in Tokyo from 10-14 September 2018.

Mr. Jahangir Khan who is the President of ARCASIA, Architects Regional Council Asia from Pakistan an organization of the 21 countries of Asia with Pakistan being the west most, Korea and Japan being the east most, China and Mongolia being the Northernmost Country and Indonesia being the southernmost member of ARCASIA, has played a vital role to put our Pakistan on the world map.

He was elected as President ARCASIA Architects Regional Council of Asia in 2015 in Thailand and took office for a two year term of 2017-2018 after serving a three year term as President IAP – Institute of Architects Pakistan before that and ARCASIA Vice President Zone A in 2015-2016 concurrently.

President Jahangir is a renowned architect from Pakistan and has been pivotal for his contributions to the architectural fraternity and the Country at large as well as his contributions internationally.

In his tenure as President ARCASIA he has been able to work at building better relations with not only ARCASIA Member Countries but has reached out to other International Zones of the world from our Asian perspective. During his tenure a positive relationship was built with V4AF of the Visegrad 4 Countries mainly Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia and two Heritage Roundtables were jointly held by ARCASIA and V4AF Visegrad 4 Architectural Foundation in Budapest and Prague and the third one is planned for Lahore in last week of October 2018. He has been able to reach out to the AIA Australian Institute of Architects that awarded him an Honorary Membership of AIA Australian Institute of Architects this year. An international urbanism dialogue is being initiated starting with the AUA African Union of Architects and the other regions of the world in Cairo hosted at the American University of Cairo in January 2019. In September 2017 President Jahangir Khan Sherpao chaired the ACA-18 Asian Congress of Architects in Tokyo where architects of 21 countries and institutes of Asia came together for 5 days and deliberated on issues of mutual Architectural concerns. He was invited by the ACE Architects Society of China right after this event to be a part of the Urbanism Conference at Zhengzhou China where international leaders from all over the world were invited to deliberate on Urbanism Issues and concerns.

One of his final projects is an International Exchange of Young Architectural Studio teachers for which he is running a pilot project from Pakistan from Various Universities from Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi with International Universities of good standing to lead to a bigger ARCASIA Exchange Programme alongside with various projects and events resulting in better knowledge sharing and working towards Architectural education which he has worked for many years.

Responding to the frequent earthquakes and Tsunamis and floods and other such disasters in our ARCASIA countries every year or so, a post disaster training has been undertaken for Architects starting from Indonesia this year and being followed up next month in Islamabad Pakistan to train young Architects from all 21 countries that will liaise with their own countries NDMA’s and be ready to interact in the face of any such disaster. This human resource is aiming to the formation of AEA ARCASIA Emergency Architects that will be based in Hong Kong and in contact with and have a representative in every ARCASIA member country in a state of readiness to face any disaster.

He has been a goodwill Ambassador representing Pakistan across the world and has received the RIBA Presidential Medal from the Royal Institute of British Architects, an Honorary membership and an AIA Presidential Gold Medal from the American Institute of Architects, An honorary membership from the Australian Institute of Architects as well as recognition award from IAP Institute of Architects Pakistan in 2017-18 to name a few.

Since he took office as President ARCASIA, Mr. Jahangir has been instrumental in bringing a change with over 42 projects and interactions Internationally in two years in the Areas of Education, Social responsibility, Green and Sustainable practices, Mentoring the Young Architects, Heritage and Adaptive Reuse and Urbanism and the Mega City to name a few.

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