Living the Masters Experience

Text | Anoushe Khan

Photography courtesy | | Karachi - Ahmed Shajee Aijazi; Lahore – Awais AhmedProject: Master Furniture Showroom Karachi & Lahore Location: 26th Street DHA Karachi Architect: ASA Interior Design: Najmi Bilgrami Collaborative

Area: 3200 sqft Completion: 2011


Jail Road Lahore Architect & Interior designer: NADA Area: 3600 sqft Completion: 2011The Masters Furniture outlet is located in the southern part of the city of Karachi, precisely on 26th Street DHA, a neighborhood that is being promoted as an interior ware product pole. This characteristic motivated the client to have a facility showcasing the wide range of Masters furniture; in a building that unfolds into two separate volumes, the Maters Furniture show room and an office for the business. The building though has four levels but the showroom takes almost all the space/ levels sans the basement that houses the offices. The building is cohesive in common constructive and material decisions, however the levels show a strong formal contrast. The Karachi outlet designed by the mega prolific architectural firm ASA in architecture and the uber talented young designers of najmi Bilgrami Collaborative worked on the interiors, the showroom provides certain dynamics in materials and forms, the heterogeneity of materials underlies in the homogeneity of its dark shades of color. The dynamics of the facade, result of a formal operation, seeks to achieve a functional simplicity at the entrance while generating visuals towards its neighbors that are rather lower buildings.

The facade includes a contrasting palette of two materials, concrete and glass, trimmed as if one is the others negative. on the contrary, the volume of the building stands impressive amongst its neighbors, the operation is simple and powerful. It is a glass volume without intermediate structure, achieving free visuals across the entire lot. This structural effort brings about a certain ingenuity of its component parts that is reflected in elements such as the loft area, also suspended. The glazing and solid wall of the facade, clad with the ubiquitous Karachi yellow stone, as opposed to the glazed façade is sited strong. Ultimately, the project shows a volumetric contrast, result of two very different applications and doing wonders for the showroom from the street level. In spite of that, the project reaches a balanced dialog between tones and materials that knits the building to its surrounding while standing distinct in its neighborhood.The interiors are worked in volumes of furniture display having a conversation with either the theme or typology. The showroom displays the hi-end furniture both for residential and offices and is a brand that has reinforced itself as Masters Offisys that introduced Sunoon and Celeste Home line which comprises of Celeste Pearl Mattresses, beds and accessories; an ever increasing voluminous product range, available in the market for decades comparable to any international line. The open house concept of the showroom actually magnifies the diversity of changing interplay of the furniture and accessories of Masters that range from beds, seaters, wall units, home accessories and office furniture such as cubicles, work stations, directorial furniture tables and chairs. The furniture is integrated in the interior design and complements the finishes, the lighting and the color palette and is a harbinger of imagination to the clients that walk in with a discerning eye in furniture and interiors. To lighten the space, walls are clad in whitewashed bamboo, and varying attractive fixtures illuminate the space at all levels. Just as each floor showcases a different line of furniture, in conundrum the interiors shift with white flooring, ambient lighting, a little retro mischief that actually verve into highlighting the furniture and accessories as one steps in the ground level of the showroom. This treatment kind of sets the mood and the visitor is encapsulated in a changing foray of possibilities and room settings with the Avant-garde furniture of Master furniture.

The levels dedicated to the Master Offisys wide range of office furniture is housed in an interior where the material rendering changes. The formal approach, the wood encased markers, the infusion of color and formality to design create a perfect setting. The curves flow in the flooring, together with the linear transformation are an interesting juxtaposition of interior rendering that immediately connects with the product display of Master offisys Sunon. A furniture line that is modern, simple with understated clarity of aesthetics in clean lines, volumes complimented by various wood finishes. A state of the art furniture in line with the technological advances, power engineered support structures enhancing flexibility and low maintenance. This furniture is manufactured on details that support the day-in and day-out work schedule and are designed on the principle of Golden section; a furniture line that is not only smart, but makes you work smart. The much acclaimed Master Chair series sits regal in stark white alcoves of their own specifically designed spaces that highlight the product range and its flexibilities at the same time, the Chairs an important ingredient of the furniture line that otherwise would have gone un-noticed in the created office surroundings.Master Offisys is showcased in their Lahore outlet designed by none other then nayyar Ali Dada and Associates a major name in the stalwarts of Architects from Pakistan. A ground plus one structure that houses the same brand in elementally juxtaposed interior surroundings. The interior treatment of this outlet is contrasted in white as opposed to its sister concern in Karachi. The office furniture display though the same is offset with a stark background to maximize on the colours and design details of the product per-se. Here the clientele is forced to focus on the product ware rather then as conceptualized interior spaces with furniture as complete package, an intelligent move wherein the company is actually educating the masses on the possibilities and probabilities of the product without visual distractions. This synergizes with where the showroom is sited and how it responds to the environment and its particular clientele. The smart furniture of Masters Offisys and Home series sit tall wherever they maybe sited.