Inside Out

Issue 49
Text | Hamad Ali
Visuals | Chawkandi Art Gallery

Introspection is the examination of one’s own mental and emotional processes. Examining this once in a while is highly beneficial to charter into the self-made divisions and territories and reflect on the opacities that emerge as a result. Pondering about how one deals with problems and anxieties or how one handle situations, fruitions in an effective introspective exercise. An exhibition titled ‘Inside Out’ delved into the ideas of tracing relationships between the self and the outer world, questioning those relationships, and critiquing the identity that resultantly emerges through the process.

Curated by Sheherbano Hussain, the show opened at Chawkandi Gallery on 22nd August inviting eleven artists working in a plethora of mediums to respond to the curatorial brief by Hussain. Where some artists used digital means to manipulate images and create works, majority of them moved away from the modern mechanistic ways of producing artworks and used mediums that spoke volumes of intimacies between the art and the artist thus bringing the inside, out.

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