IIL Affordable Housing Design Ideas competition 2019

International Industries Limited (IIL) in collaboration with Institute of Architects Pakistan (IAP), announces the winners of its affordable housing competition. The competition was open to architects and students of architecture within Pakistan to design low and moderate cost houses and walk up apartments under given categories. The call to submission asked designers to address the lifestyle of low income communities, suit their daily domestic chores and accommodate every member’s needs whether adult or child. The Jury for this competition consisted of President of IAP Arif Changezi, Saifullah Sami, Kalim Ahmed Siddiqui, Rashid Rasheed, Shoaib Ahmad, and Suneela Ahmed.

The winners are as follows:

Category| Single Family Houses (80sq. yrds)

1st Position | Ahmed Mian (Studio Subtractive)

2nd Position | Adil Kerai (Habib Fida Ali Architects)

3rd Position | Shahid Abdulla (ASA Architects)


Category| Single Family Houses (120 sq. yrds)

1st Position |Murtaza Mehdi Rizvi (ASA Architects)

2nd Position | Ahmed Mian (Studio Subtractive)

3rd Position | Shahid Abdulla (ASA Architects)


Category| Walkup Apartments/Multi Family Houses (1,200 sq. yrds)

1st Position |Ukkasha Numan Ehsan (Architect Cube)

2nd Position |M.Arif Khan (NESPAK)

3rd Position | Sikandar Ajam (SAK Associates)


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