After the success of ‘Zero Carbon Lecture Series’ a 6-Part virtual Lecture Series by IAP-RIC, in collaboration with Ar. Yasmeen Lari (Founder Heritage Foundation, Founding Chairperson INTBAU Pakistan, Co-Founder ADMAN) & Ar. Murad Jamil (Co-Founder ADMAN, Founder INTBAU Pakistan, Past Chairman BAE-IAP), exploring the tenets of the starchitect Barefoot Social Architecture; the Institute of Architects Pakistan organised the ‘IAP Zero Carbon Design Competition’.

This competition received very interesting entries from Architects and students from all over Pakistan and recently an online design jury was held. After the jury debate and insightful deliberation our jurors jointly announced the following results:

Ar. Shahid Sayeed Khan                                    IAP-ZCC-006        1st position

Ar. Faisal Rehman Sial                                       IAP-ZCC-008        2nd position

Ar. Bushra Mansoor &  Ar. Usama Jamil            IAP-ZCC-001        3rd position

Jury Members:

  1.       Ar. Shama Usman, FIAP, Jury Chair
  2.       Ar. Khadija Jamal Shahban, FIAP, Chairperson BAE-IAP
  3.       Ar. Sadia Fazli, FIAP, Registrar PCATP
  4.       Ar. Fauzia Qureshi, FIAP
  5.       Ar. Yawar Jillani, FIAP
  6.       Ar. Fauzia Asad Khan, AIAP, Chairperson IAP-RIC / Competition Convenor (Observer)

Competition Advisors:

  • Ar. Yasmeen Lari,  FIAP, Founding Chairperson INTBAU Pakistan, Co-Founder ADMAN
  • Ar. Murad Jamil, AIAP, Co-Founder ADMAN

Competition Committee:

  1.       Ar. M. Arif Changezi, AIAP, President IAP
  2.       Ar. Fauzia Asad Khan, AIAP, Convenor & Chairperson IAP-RIC
  3.       Ar. Maryam Iftikhar, AIAP, Co-Convener & EC Member IAP-RIC
  4.       Ar. Umer Iqbal, AIAP, Honorary Secretary IAP-RIC
  5.       Ar. Salman Javaid Malik, AIAP
  6.       Mr. Farhan Siddiqui, Manager Secretariat IAP


All prizes are sponsored by Ar. Yasmeen Lari & Nippon Paints

First Prize: Rs. 100,000/-

Second Prize: Rs. 60,000/-

Third Prize: Rs. 40,000/-

FIRST PRIZE WINNER Ar. Shahid Sayeed Khan’s submission:

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