Highlighted Winners

Design Laureates 2018-2019


Winner: The D’hamidi Partnership
Project: HUM News
Jury Citation:

In devising an exclusive linear typographic identity for a new news channel in a field already over-flowing with names and brands, Hum News TV has adopted a neat, clean signature that authenticates and quickly unfolding events with steady, unusual calm. This is a striking yet soothing synthesis— of scripts, of languages, and of styles.


Winner: BBDO Pakistan
Project: How a Poster Targeted Predator Drone Operators.
Jury Citation:

While the subject of death by drone has enormous, inherent, instant, emotively wrenching power, the concept for this poster equally instantly impacts our senses—with the originality of its profound simplicity. The idea fuses together distance and proximity, air and earth, remoteness and intimacy. Using the scale of the image in symbolic similarity with the extent of the tragic loss of innocence, the poster binds invisible operator, visible victim and us viewers into a singular, shared, tormented humanity.

This project is also the winner of Socially Responsive Award


Winner: The Tree House Design Lab
Project: The Photobooth
Jury Citation:

The exceptional features of the photo booth design are that it provides one, fixed unchanging backdrop for a wide range of colours, costumes, faces, heights and forms— yet remains apt, vivid and stark without becoming static and repetitive. Its special attention to light, to angle and to subtle shade as also to pin-pointed graphics as a backdrop for human contours makes this slim, solitary structure both a fine stand-up, and a distinct stand-out.


Winner: Orientm-McCann
Project: Al Karam Fall-Winter Collection –Volume 1
Jury Citation:

In a realm like fashion in which forms, lines, colours and tones are already fundamentals used by all, the Al-Karam catalogue achieves a specific individuality. With an approach that is ready to take risks, layouts leave some spaces boldly empty while also giving patterns and pictures a pleasing intensity. Blending strong typology with beautiful physiognomy integrated into its design concept, the publication mirrors the creativity of our country’s vibrant culture.


Winner: Zoral Khurram Naik
Project: Burnout
Jury Citation:

The series of photographs in Burn-out commences with an ominous, telling statistic: the bizarre asymmetry between the huge number of people and the small number of fire brigades. At once, this sets the theme for the dramatic contrasts of images that follow.
Juxtaposing external views of structures and stations with interiors of work-places and hospitals, automotive machines with living human beings, open skies with dark shadows, blazing fires with billowing smoke, a face in pain but seen only from a distance, with bandaged limbs up-front and close, the series, in mere seconds, spins a silent yet powerful and eloquent saga.


Winner: Raza Zahid
Project: Guftaguu
Jury Citation:

In an era when just a touch on a mobile device brings global connectivity, there is also the parallel reality that, even in a crowd we can
be together and still be quite alone with our own phone. Guftaguu embodies direct, face– to – face inter-action. Through an elegantly designed thoroughly practical seating arrangement which enables familiarity without intrusiveness, that allows a person both easy access and, if needed, a fast exit – ! – ‘Guftaguu’ rewards us with the pleasures of company, of listening, of meetings – and of partings.


Winner: Spectrum Communications (Pvt) Ltd.
Project: Roshni Helpline CCTV Video
Jury Citation:

Choosing the almost ultra-real mode of capturing actual action through the grainy footage of closed-circuit TV Roshni Helpline’s brief video delivers a hard punch to our gut. Which fortunately turns out to be just a friendly but firm nudge— to caution us to remain alert and vigilant for our priceless children.

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