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Client: Head office for Dawood exports
Location: Sargodha road, Faisalabad Consultant: Sigma System Syndicate
Design team: Principal architect: Ar. Ali Arooj Project architect: Ar. Rehan Manzoor Interior designer: Ar. Fareeha Ehsan
Area: 18,000 sqft (approx) Completion: 2013

The Dawood export office is part of the Dawood textile mills dealing in home and hospitality textile products. When the project brief was handed it clearly reflected a renovation and expansion project which around that time client was unaware of. slowly the project and its parameters unraveled for the formation of Dawood Head office specifically for the export areas.

The site was handed over with an existing 2500 sqft load-bearing structure comprising of production offices wherein the client wanted to add independent offices for export along with parking. The design team overturned the idea and instead an independent reception lobby alongside covered parking on the ground floor and offices on the first level with display center at the second was proposed and agreed upon.

The added structure to the facility was given its due consideration of load bearing; first floor was designed partially load bearing and partially frame structure where as second floor was terraces over load bearing area and covered over frame structure. Once the structure was resolved came the fun part of design; the interiors.

The interiors belie the old structure versus new as the circulation seamlessly follows a pattern; the three floors are interconnected through a lift and staircase in main lobby and a service/ fire exit stair at the back.

The design was focused in creating views and vistas that were lacking around the site hence visual link was developed through double and triple height patios that are resplendent with turf and plants.

The reception on second floor catered to the departments placed on right side and executive offices on left. An interesting feature of patio on second floor was the focal point in reception area, which served as a visual link to second floor, a breathing space in reception lobby and a service access to the main boardroom.

The interiors are in contemporary lines executed in warm rich hues of intricate woodwork blending with an earthy palette of colors that is inviting and resplendent at the same time. The second floor is dedicated to the product display spanning over an area of 6,000 sqft that is open yet intricate with the varied display of products. The open patios as respite spaces merge with the interiors to form a cultivated oasis increasing productivity of the inhabitants

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