Architectural Journalism

Text | Suneja Pappal
Pappal Suneja is Freelance Architect and Architectural Journalist

He is the Country Reporter at of India and Head of Content for OutsiteVR
Pappal also teaches as Assistant Professor at  McGAN’S Ooty School of Architecture

“…and I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” The well-known poet Ruskin Bond has beautifully said the above in one of his poems. It is often seen that people tend to choose the already-trodden pathways over the ones which not many would have walked on. This might be because of the innate human nature of considering time-tested and already visited paths safer. But have you ever thought of the numerous opportunities that remain unexplored in the paths that thus remain ‘not taken’?! The profession of Architectural Journalism has been facing the same fate until now in SAARC Nations.

Any good architectural magazine has an architect as an editor, or as a correspondent, or as a reporter for the same, where the latter could be pursuing this job on an hourly/weekly basis, or as a primary source of income. The Tribune’s weekly edition of Spectrum has a travel page, which can be done, or probably is being done, by architects. Besides this, the daily also consists of a page with columns dedicated to architecture. What’s more is that a few architects have created a niche for their contemporaries to take this profession up. An exemplar is Prof. Rajnish Watts, the former principal of Chandigarh College of Architecture; he is an active architectural columnist. Dr. S.S Bhatti, who is Retired Professor of Punjab University, India, has a marvelous architectural blog, apart from his books on architecture; he, too, is an epitome to look up to in the world of architecture.