Aga Khan Award for Architecture

Issue 48
Photography | As mentioned

I walked into the gallery space of the Alliance Francaise de Karachi, greeted by an assortment of creative media that was organised by Goethe Institute Karachi. The large-scale collages and mixed media pieces that adorned the walls soon gave way to a number of identical screens, where videos displayed scenes of different lengths, speeds and hues, flurrying into each other. Nearby, beyond the black veil, stood the largest video installation, waiting to be seen.

The artist, Marcel Odenbach, is primarily known as one of the youngest pioneers of the 1970s’ video art scene in the German-speaking world. ‘Tranquil Motions’, curated by Matthias Muhling, is an IFA travel exhibition that brings together his complex oeuvre with selected works from the past 3 decades, from video tapes to video installations, to works on paper that were displayed in Karachi for the first time at the behest of Goethe Institute Karachi. It included 10 video installations, collages and mixed media 2D works on paper.

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