ACA18 Tokyo was hosted by JIA (Japan Institute of Architects) from 10th-14th September 2018. The conference was attended by 75 delegates from Pakistan under the banner of IAP (Institute of Architects Pakistan) lead by the IAP (Institute of Architects Pakistan) President Ali Zafar Qazi. The President of ARCASIA Mr. Jehangir Sherpao from Pakistan with his secretary Ramiz Baig and Treasurer Sannah as the office bearers 2017-2018 attended ACA 18 with this large contingent in ARCASIA.

ACA 18 opened with a regal ceremony where President ARCASIA Mr. Jehangir Sherpao and President JIA spoke in the inaugural address.
The Design talks opened up to the young and dynamic team from various countries speaking about their favourite cities. Delegates from Pakistan had an active participation in this session. – Fawad Suhail Abbasi, Vice President IAP, who represented Zone A during the Design Talk session on ‘My Favourite City’ . the evening was capped by an interactive discussion with architects Toyo Ito and Kazuyo Sejima of SANAA.

Akeel Bilgrami, represented Pakistan as a committee member during the 39th meeting of the ARCASIA Committee for Architectural Education (ACAE) with Maria Ansari as observer. ACGSA – ARCASIA Committee for Green and Sustainable Architecture was represented by Amina Qayyum Mirza and Mumtaz Jillani as observer. In the ARCASIA Committee for Social Responsibility Yousuf Ghori and Arif Changezi represented Pakistan. ARCASIA for Professional Practice was represented by Asad Ali and Sikander Hayat. Bisma Askari represented Pakistan as a committee member during the 3rd ACYA (ARCASIA Committee for Young Architects) meeting with Samar Zehra as an observer on the same committee.

The ARCASIA conference was a packed session with stellar star architects speaking about their work and architecture profession impacting lives. Keynote speakers on the 13th September; Partner Kae Uwi Bergmann of BIG amplified their work journey from small scale projects to pod infrastructure development in the Middle East finally landing into space. The eminent keynote speaker Fumihiko Maki at the age of 90 enthralled the audience with his journey and sensitized approach on projects with varied cultural nuances. His captivating play of light and shadow reflecting the Islamic traditions in architecture in Aga Khan Museum of Toronto and the New York Building that pays homage to the site of Twin Towers were philosophically addressed in the realm of emotionally charged spaces.
Mrs. Yasmin Lari, keynote speaker of the second day presented: ‘Search for Social and ecological justice’. Her extensive work though not mainstream architecture but impacting rural areas of Pakistan was well received amongst the audience.

The Friendship night is a major celebration within the ARCASIA family. This year also with music and dance friendship camaraderie and strategic collaboration was reinforced. JIA performance was awarded as first whereas Pakistan and India was a tie in the second slot.
The AAA (ARCASIA Architecture Awards) ceremony hosted by JIA was held at the beautiful locale and awarded the architecture recipients of ACA 18 in an exclusive ceremony.

The ARCASIA Awards for Architecture (AAA) is aimed at acknowledging exemplary work done by architects working in Asia. It encourages the sustenance of the Asia spirit, the development and improvement of the Asian built environment and enhancement of the awareness of the role of architecture and architects in the socio-economic and cultural life of Asian countries. With this Award, the intention is also to demonstrate that good architecture is a major component of the positive influence on the human environment, and that physical development in Asia need not be in disharmony with the cultural values, national identity or the natural environment of developing countries in Asia.

The building of the year was awarded to Baan Nong Bua School in Thailand by Jun Sekino.

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